Innovative Design

At Barnett Manufacturing, we take the time to develop solutions that fit the real needs of our customers.  Our talented and experienced engineering department understands the importance of ergonomics, efficiency, material handling, and responsible design which we build into every job we quote.

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Experience Matters!

Our engineering department has built custom machines to automate processes from nailing and stapling to cutting and grooving for over 30 years.  We also have extensive experience automating material handling issues of feeding, stacking, and indexers.  Each of our machines is built to meet the exact needs of our customers.  Our robust construction methods ensure our machines will run for years.

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Simplifying Automation

You’ve heard the phrase “work smarter not harder.” At Barnett Manufacturing, we see that statement as more of a calling than a suggestion. Our experience automating lines for rip saw, lamination lines, and nailing/stapling assembly stations with a focus on simplicity and return on investment as opposed to huge, complicated machinery.

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Feeders & Pushers

Our robust feeding systems are built to precisely guide various types of lumber into saws, laminators, and assembly machines.

Stackers & Handlers

We designed and build stackers that handle wood products of almost every size and shape in order to simplify the material handling process and decrease manual labor costs.

Automated Assembly

Our expertise in nail and staple gun fixturing and processes allows us to serve customers looking to add various levels of automation in their assembly process.

Gluing Operations

Our years of feeding and stacking provide us a detailed understanding of best practices when it comes to integrating automation into various gluing / hot melt operations.

Barnett Builds Money Making Machines…

  • ROI < 1 Year 100%
  • Built to Last (and last, and last) 100%
  • Increases Workplace Safety 100%
  • Creates Room for Growth 100%

We know that automating existing processes is almost always driven by the bottom dollar.

That is why we work with our customers to ensure our solutions provide them with an ROI that exceeds their expectations while solving logistical, strategic, and safety concerns in the process.

Let us to show you how our machines can make your company money today.

What our customers say about Barnett Manufacturing…

“Barnett MFG is the first option to solve my customers needs.  Their track record in being able to solve problems quickly and affordably is unmatched in the industry”

Midwest Machine Salesman

“Our BMC machine has worked for 15 years feeding our Mereen Johnson saw.  At times, it has pushed 5 trucks per day without missing a beat.”

Panel Processing Manager

“Barnett Manufacturing Company’s responsive support and attention to jobs of all sizes has helped our customers greatly and sets them apart from their competition.”

Fastener Supply Executive

Here is a look at a few of our most recent projects…

Grooved Dunnage Machine Nears Completion

This week we are entering the final phase of completing our latest wood processing machine.  The grooved dunnage machine assembles parts of various lengths using six nail guns and a feeding system.  The machine also adds a groove to each piece of dunnage that is...

Mereen Johnson Saw Riser Increases Output

During the recent build of a panel feeder, Barnett also built a simple, but robust saw riser that allowed the end user to feed and stack larger units of their paneled goods.

Bring Barnett On Board…

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Whether you are looking to take your company to the next level of productivity or looking to replace a tired machine,  Barnett Mfg. is ready to assess your current project.  We will respond quickly with potential solutions and provide an initial quote for your upcoming project.

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