Automated Fastener Machines and Product Assembly

With the economy picking back up, companies throughout the wood processing world are looking to add automation in order to increase capacity.  That is why companies from North Carolina to Arizona to Indiana have turned to Barnett MFG to build these custom lines.

Many of these jobs are proprietary so we cannot share all of the specifics, but here are a few examples of products that we have designed and built recently:

Grooved Runner Assembly Machine

This machine takes wood of varying thicknesses and compositions and feeds it through a set of retrofitted nail guns to construct the basic part.  From there, the piece is grooved and kicked onto a product table for stacking.  With this machine, the owner will need roughly 80% less workforce and completely eliminate inconsistencies that were previously experienced due to human error.

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Part Assembly Machines

We have recently designed multiple part assembly machines for the furniture and mobile home industry that streamline the alignment, fastening, and stacking processes.  In each of these jobs, we have been able to prove a 1 year ROI for the customer while greatly increasing their capacity for more business.  These jobs range from stapling chair components and bed frame materials to nailing decorative fencing and finished melamine wrapped fascia.

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Gun Fixtures and Brackets

The first hand experience our engineering department has within the secondary wood processing market provides us with a real world understanding of the way these machines work.  This allows us to not just build custom fixtures and brackets, but to build them for easy access, quick release and change out, ergonomic fit, and optimal safety.

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Let Us Automate Your Part Assembly!

With an indepth understanding for feedworks, nailing/stapling operations, and stacking efficiencies, we are ideally prepared to help you automate part of your line.  Contact us today for a free ROM quote.

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