Barnett Feeding Systems

We have over 30 years of experience building custom, heavy duty wood production machinery used throughout the Midwest in topshops, millwork facilities, and panel / laminate shops.  We take pride in ensuring that our feeders can fully automate the front end of a production line freeing up labor and providing great cost reduction for the end user.

Even better yet, our feeder systems have stood the test of time.  One of our machines has been moved three times in its 15 year lifespan and has pushed over 5 truckloads of paneled goods through an MJ each day!

For a few examples of the feeders we designed and built most recently, click on the images below.

Heavy Duty Panel Feeder

This panel feeder / pusher is designed to feed either a glue laminating line or a gang rip-saw. These units are completely automatic and integrated with the host machine.  This model was built for continuous use in the roughest of manufacturing conditions.  Our unique lifting platform seamlessly lifts all four corners of the product to ensure perfect alignment each and every time.

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Overhead Panel Pusher

Our overhead panel pusher integrates with common scissor lifts providing consistent product delivery for units of any length.  This all electric design is easily adjustable and can be built to handle units of lengths up to 30 ft.

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Lateral Feeders

We have designed and implemented many product specific lateral feeders over the past 30 years. Our feeders are designed for simplicity and precision allowing for a perfect feed to the molder, nailer, or other processing machinery.

The picture to the left shows a simple feeder that was built on to an assembly nailer that we built in January of 2014.

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Let Us Feed Your Machine!

We are experts in fitting automated feeding procedures for almost any wood product.  Let our talented engineers start building your feeder today.

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