MFG Folding CartWe are proud to announce our new, folding cart line of products that we are calling MFG Carts.  These carts are made to simplify work for industry and trades alike by providing a flexible and collapsible folding cart that can fill both dedicated functions and multiuse needs.

The MFG Cart is a modular, folding cart that can transform from a mobile workstation, to industrial sawhorse, to a expandable material handling cart in only seconds.  Better yet, it folds up or comes apart with only a few clicks to allow for quick storage without taking up your valuable floor space.

These carts come in a variety of sizes and configurations making them perfect for lean manufacturing needs with the added capability to store the carts when not in use.  This clip is just a glimpse at what the MFG cart line can do.  Stay tuned for more information on our collapsible cart and folding workbench concepts in the near future.

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Here is a brief look at some of the capabilities that this cart provides.