Barnett Bike Racks...

  • Simple and functional
  • Built for campus life
  • Hold up to 30 bikes
  • Mobile for offseason removal

Our "College Bike Racks" have been fined tuned over years of collaboration with Hope College here in Holland, MI.  They are built to be invisible yet provide the perfect functional accessibility for use on a college campus. 

In addition, we build our bike racks to be easily moved during the off season to aid grounds crews in snow removal. 

The bike racks come in 2 sizes, 5 foot (three hoops) and 10 foot (5 hoops).

In addition to allowing different sizing options, Barnett is please to offer various finishes and the ability to customize your bike rack.  If you would rather have your racks stand out or sport some school pride we can add laser cut graphics for a sleek and professional custom look.

Order Yours Today!

Our bike racks are priced to sell and we offer volume discounts for orders of 5 or more. 

A 10 foot bike rack can cost as little as...