2014-01-03 10.27.39For machines that are automating the infeed or stacking process, the pass line height of the machine itself can often be a limiting factor in productivity.

During the recent build of a panel feeder, Barnett also built a simple, but robust saw riser that allowed the end user to feed and stack larger units of their paneled goods.  The saw riser increased the straight line through feed line by 12 inches while providing a stable foundation for their Mereen Johnson.

While not every saw or process is ideal for adding a riser, it stands to reason that many of the secondary wood processing machines on the market could use the ability to move taller units to increase productivity.  If that is something that makes sense for you, make sure to contact Barnett MFG today.  We would be glad to prove our fabrication capabilities for you with something as simple and useful as a saw riser.

See photos of our most recent riser below.

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