Cart for Moving SteelFrom the beginning, the MFG cart was about helping us do things faster and safer in our production facility.  Early on, we built these carts for moving steel from the truck to the rack and finally to the saw.  Now we are a few months into our trials and we don’t know how we moved steel without them.

Not only are the carts robust and built to handle at least 1200 lbs in their small form, but they can easily be expanded to hold longer, less stable steel.  The mobility of the carts allow us to quickly move them throughout our flex space and from one job to another.  Until last week, we are convinced that it truly is the perfect cart for moving steel.

So what changed?  What changed last week?

2013-11-01 11.46.02The answer is simple and exciting.  We found a way to make this product even better.  We are working with a client to add roller conveyors to the cart as well as custom forklift mating features to completely streamline their material handling process.  Stay tuned for more on that product and additional BMC updates.

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