2014-01-03 13.56.47This past week, BMC installed a new, customized Panel Feeder for a customer in Elkhart, IN.  This particular panel feeder was built to feed a Mereen Johnson rip saw paneled goods allowing the customer to greatly increase capacity and decrease labor costs.

When the customer was asked why he went with a Barnett Panel Feeder instead of others on the market, he said that it came down to performance.  He wanted something that was going to feed his machine for years to come while saving the back and hips of the workers he had hand feeding the machine previously.

The customer credited their visit to west Michigan company who has been running their same Barnett built Panel Feeder for over 14 years.  That panel feel has often run up to 5 trucks of lumber through their Mereen Johnson rip saw and has done so with little more than routine maintenance required.  It was the precision and longevity of the product that encouraged our new customer that the Barnett Panel Feeder  was the best option available to take his shops production capabilities to the next level.

The panel feeder that they purchased also had a custom feature that allows the user to lock out the push are to run dimensional lumber through the same machine.  This allowed the user to maintain the flexibility that they need in their shop.  Barnett is known for their ability to adapt products to their customer needs.  They work hard to ensure that the machine fits the customer as opposed to the customer fitting the machine.

The impact of the panel feeder was felt immediately by the customer as they are already processing their panels in a fraction of the time.  The transformative effect that the feeder has had on their shop has caused them to already inquire about adding the a Barnett Stacker to the end of the line in the near future.

Video of this feeder will be coming soon.  In the meantime, check out the pictures below.

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