Panel Pushers / Handlers

Barnett Panel Pushers:

Barnett manufacturing has years of experience building custom panel pushers that can fit the unique needs of any wood product manufacturer.  Our pushers feature:

  • Balanced 4 corner lift design
  • Infrared vision technology for precise panel delivery
  • Industrial construction built to push panels for years to come



Our panel pusher is designed to feed either a glue laminating line or a gang rip-saw. These units are completely automatic and integrated with the host machine.  Built with industrial use in mind, our Panel Pusher is built for continuous use under stressful conditions.  It also seamlessly lifts all four corners of the product to ensure perfect alignment each and every time.


  • All standard pallet sizes ranging up to 5' x 12' and a 6000 lb. capacity
  • Built in hydraulic lift feature with 4-corner lifting which provides level and stable movement compared to a scissor lift
  • Automatic infeed height sensing using infrared technology
  • Push bar has floating arms to adjust to stack
  • Variable hydraulic speed drive provides smooth, shock-free movement
  • Heavy corral style construction provides a bump-stop for the forklift loading
  • Automatic cycling and reload program
  • PLC controlled
  • Complete controls package with NEMA buttons and an electrical disconnect
  • Adjustable hold over wheels to provide pressure against the fence while feeding



  • Additional length, width, and weight capacities available
  • Hydraulic feed system for high-speed feeding of ripsaws
  • Edge sensing for customers who build stacks of various widths
  • Extra control I/O for production line integration


We understand that every panel handling job is unique.  Put our years of experience building pushers for industry leaders to work for you today.  

Our professional engineering department want to work with you to create the perfect panel pusher for your company today. 

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