In addition to building the items in our product line, Barnett Manufacturing is a local leader in machine augmentation and custom builds.  The most recent project that we completed was the conversion of a stainless steel parts washer into a post passivation test tank.  This project is now being used as a programmable test tank for machined parts at a west Michigan OEM.

As part of building this post passivation test tank, our skilled engineering department took this tank from an outdated parts washer to a fully automated test tank.  The goal of the machine will be for it to cycle (raise and lower) at least two baskets of parts every hour over a 24 hour period and record the results.  This includes the following highlights:

  •  A complete restoration of all stainless steel parts to like new condition.
  • Fabrication of the post passivation test tank’s cover and support apparatus.
  • Added controls to allow for automated testing of machined parts.
  • Modified the cycle with a “closed loop” logic system reporting to a PLC that provides positive documentation that each cycle occurred.
  • Installed limit switches placed on the lift cylinder which “report” back to the PLC to ensure each cycle occurs.
  • Installed safeguards on the machine including an audible alarm built in that sounds if a cycle is missed, cycle occurs outside of the timing tolerance, detection of no air pressure present, or if the machines stops for an unplanned reason.

Here are a few pictures that provide a better look at the finished product.  If you or your company have a need for machine builds and/or retrofitting, please click here to contact us.  We would love the opportunity to help you “work smart.”