The PowerDeck

The PowerDeck is a cargo and pallet positioning system designed for cargo vans and other delivery vehicles. This patented product reducing load/unload time, increases safety, and reducing damage to the vehicle and cargo, the PowerDeck is a must have for any expediter or manufacturing facility.

Wheelhouse Guards

Our wheelhouse guards are built for cargo vans and provide a protective shield for the wheelhouse which is often damaged or punctured during the loading/unloading process. Easily installed, the guards are a simple way to protect a driver's investment!

Panel Pusher

Our panel pusher is designed to feed either a glue laminating line or a gang rip-saw. These units are completely automatic and integrated with the host machine.  Built with industrial use in mind, our Panel Pusher is built for continuous use under stressful conditions.

EdgeWorker Vacuum Stand

Durable and sturdy vacuum stand with amazing holding power, even for porous substrates! Virtually plug and play, the EdgeWorker has proven beneficial for a variety of industries. Custom options include: custom work height, custom support rings, manual or motorized rotation, and vertical rise/lower.

Halo Safety Surround System

Portable or permanent guardrail and access restriction system. Halo Safety Surround System is a cost effective way to provide the bollard/guardrail and access restriction your plan needs in order to provide both a safe work environment for your employees and customers, and to meet OSHA safety requirements.