EdgeWorker Vacuum Stand

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Edge Worker Vacuum Stand Features:

  • 12" diameter suction cup provides amazing holding power!
  • Plug & Play - just install and attach air hose!
  • 3/16" steel tower with 3/8" steel base provides a stable structure while minimizing footprint
  • 1/2" anchor holes with leveling screw included
  • Pneumatic filter/regulator 
  • Cartridge style debris filter protects the suction generator

Barnett Manufacturing Co. offers the Edge-Worker Vacuum Stand to hold down wood and even non-porous substrates so that the operator can work effectively and efficiently. It differentiates itself from competitors in the market by size and power; the 12 inch diameter suction cup is larger than other work stands, and the suction force generated through all of the parts is significantly greater than the next best product. In addition we offer a detachable stability ring which is a substitute for additional suction stands (see Schmaltz models) and our machine hooks up with existing air supply. The steel stand and base, with bolt holes for floor anchoring add sturdy support superior to alternatives in the market.

The Barnett Manufacturing Edge-Worker Vacuum Stand has capabilities to manually unlock and rotate the work-piece, an attribute which other vacuum stands offer. It also shares the pedal operational function much like other vacuum stands.

  • 12" diameter suction cup
  • High performance  pump
  • 3/16" steel tower, 3/8" steel base
  • 1/2" anchor holes with leveling screw included
  • Pneumatic filter/regulator 
  • Cartridge style debris filter
  •  38” work height
  •  9.25 scfm Vacuum Flow
  •  Step operator pedal


  • Custom work height
  • Custom fit support rings
  • Motorized rotation
  • Vertical raise/lower to lift off rollers
  • Custom base designs
  • Custom paint color

Call for pricing/order!616-546-8225

The Edge Worker is a sturdy and strong vacuum stand with a real suction cup and plenty of holding power, even for porous substrates! All you have to do is bolt it down and connect the air line. Your operators won’t trip over clumsy feet or drop work due to inadequate suction.

You can use it as is or we will customize as needed if you are running a unique shape.  Either way, it will help you work faster and more efficiently.  

Want More Information?

We have 4 models to choose from to meet the varying needs of work stand users.  

Our most popular model, the S2 with support ring, sells for only: