weldingMedia Blasting (Sand Blasting)

Sandblasting or abrasive blasting, as it is known, cleans and prepares metals for further processing such as welding or finish coating. We capture all our media and recycle it,  so there is minimal impact on the waste stream.  Our 5 foot by 5 foot booth is able to handle small to large parts, limited by a door size of 33.5 inches wide by 36 inches high.  We can handle long pieces up to approximately 15 feet.  We primarily use Black Magnum media and various media such as aluminum oxide to increase the abrasiveness as is needed. We specialize in aggressively removing tough metals and heavily built up areas.

Equipment Installation

Our staff can augment your maintenance staff during a critical installation and move, or we can perform the complete installation. Our engineers and support staff will provide you with a solution so the project is completed on time and within budget.  We have worked with companies ranging from very small to large OEMs to get their equipment ready for production within their schedule constraints.


Machine / Equipment Repair and Maintenance

From a simple belt to a complex actuation problem, we will troubleshoot your problem and get your machinery and equipment running.  We can perform machine repair on-site at your facility, or we can move a machine to our facility for more complex repairs.


Machine Retrofit, Rebuilding, Reconditioning

If your manufacturing process needs improvement to increase its uptime, output, or user interface / ergonomics we can offer a solution that will help you work better, faster, or cheaper.


Design Services – Machine and Product

Have an idea for a new product or piece of machinery? Let our designers and engineers CAD up some ideas and bring your ideas to reality.  From a working prototype to a new piece of machinery, we will offer a solution to get your ideas into the marketplace.  Barnett Manufacturing specializes in cutting, processing, and handling of panel goods and linear motion and actuators.


Custom Machine Applications

Many times our customers want one of our standard machines such as panel pushers or vacuum stands modified for a custom application.  We will gladly offer a custom solution using any standard equipment line to fit your specific application or need.