Gluing Operations and Assembly Processes

Gluing can be a sticky process (pun intended), but Barnett MFG is well versed in building our machines around the nuance of hot melt, glue spreaders, and the like.  We have designed machines that feed glue lines and have built hot melt application systems into our own machine designs where appropriate.

Check out the examples below for a better understanding of how we have worked with glue operations in the past.

Panel Feeder for Glue Line

This panel feeder was designed to meet the specific needs of a glue line for laminate products.  This overhead feeding operation uses a single hook at the rear of the machine to lift and guide the product into the machine.  This allows the feeder to work with products of various thicknesses.

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Hot Melt Integration

We have designed multiple machines that use precision hot melt applicators to assemble various secondary wood processing products as well as consumer goods.  These machines allowed the user to cut assembly time by 75% at less than 1 year ROI.  We are confident that we could do the same for your hot melt application process.

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Let Us Design Your Machine!

Our experience working with gluing operations positions us well to address this as part of an assembly process.  Give us a chance at your next job.

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