One of the lesser known products that we make here at Barnett Manufacturing are our College Bike Racks.  This past week we finished our latest set of college bike racks so we figured this is a great time to share them with the world.

If you have been on a campus lately, you have noticed that the college bike racks are overflowing with bikes of all kinds.  For years, we have worked with Hope College to create a rack that meets the specific needs of the university setting.  Our racks are simple, sleek, and robust to meet the stresses of up to 20 or 30 bikes at one time.  In addition, they are made to be easy to move and store in the winter.  Permanent college bike racks are nice at times, but during the winter they can cause problems for snow removal.  Our design allows for the racks to be loaded or slid to a storage location during the biking “off-season” in turn simplifying the job for grounds crews all winter.

While the design that we have settled on with Hope College is simple and generic, we certainly have the ability to customize the bike racks to meet any university or college and our prices are more than competitive.  For more on our racks including pricing information, check out our College Bike Racks product page.