Barnett Manufacturing Company’s versatile carts and work benches provide flexibility and save space in lean manufacturing environments.


For years manufacturers have accepted that fact that they must sacrifice floor space to have sturdy, heavy duty work surfaces regardless of how often they are used. Barnett Manufacturing Co. (BMC), a material handling and machine builder in Holland, MI, decided to challenge that myth as they worked with local manufacturing customers who were tired of space eating tables clogging their shop floor.

This past spring, BMC began producing a new line of benches (HYDABench) and carts (MFG Cart). From day one, the HYDABench and MFG Cart have changed work spaces of all sizes from the garage to the OEM warehouse. Here is a quick look at each of these products and their potential uses within the material handling and manufacturing world:


BMC worked closely with local industrial customers to make their HYDABench product fit the various uses of the lean manufacturing floor WITHOUT taking up valuable floor space. The product as shown expands to provide a 60”x30” work surface capable of holding up to 500 pounds. When collapsed, the cart’s footprint is reduced to 60”x6” all while still standing on its own.

Here are the details for the HYDABench as shown:

  • Capacity: 500 lbs
  • 12.5 square feet of work surface
  • 4 Dual Lock Casters
  • Multiple Colors of Powdercoat Finish Available
  • Can build to suit custom applications

To see a video of the HYDABench in action, click here.

MFG Cart

This older brother to the HYDABench was designed as the ideal, multi-use shop cart. The modular design of the MFG Cart allows it to adapt to fit almost any job from unloading steel from the truck to prepping items for the paint booth. The simple heavy duty frame is constructed to allow for seamless interaction with forklifts and flawless user access. In addition, the MFG Cart simply folds up to 4” in width to remove and store.

Here are the details for the MFG Cart as shown:

  • Capacity: Between 1200 and 2400 lbs depending on configuration.
  • Expands from 60”x30” to 180”x30” depending on attachments.
  • 4 Dual Lock Casters
  • Multiple Colors of Powdercoat Finish Available
  • Can build to suit custom applications

To see a video of the MFG Cart in action, click here.

Additional Material Handling Solutions

Barnett Manufacturing Company takes pride in being problem solvers.   Our engineering and fabrication capabilities enable us to create unique and specific material handling solutions to solve problems large and small. Examples of these solutions include:

For more information about any of these products, be sure to check out the Barnett Manufacturing Company website at Call (616-546-8225) or email ( today to see how Barnett Manufacturing can help you take back your shop floor.