Halo Safety Surround System

Halo Safety Surround System

Protect your company and comply with OHSA standards without using flexibility in your manufacturing facility by using the Halo safety surround system. 

Halo Safety Surround System is the cost effective way to provide the bollard/guardrail and access restriction your plant needs in order to provide both a safe work environment, and to meet OSHA safety standards.

A Myriad of Uses:

  • Machine Guarding
  • Easily enhance plant safety
  • Restrict access to areas
  • Cordon off assembly lines
  • Barricade high-voltage areas

The Halo Safety Surround System Can be installed in just minutes. 

Step 1:  Halo Install

Halo Install 2Step 2:

Halo Install 3Halo Install 4

We Build to Fit!

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