Heavy Duty Panel Feeder

This panel feeder / pusher is designed to feed either a glue laminating line or a gang rip-saw. These units are completely automatic and integrated with the host machine.  This model was built for continuous use in the most rough of manufacturing conditions.  Our unique lifting platform seamlessly lifts all four corners of the product to ensure perfect alignment each and every time.

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Overhead Panel Pusher

Our overhead panel pusher integrates with common scissor lifts providing consistent product delivery for units of any length.  This all electric design is easily adjustable and can be built to handle units of lengths up to 30 ft.

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Panel Processing Stacker

This stacker is a great example of Barnett MFG’s ability to build products that last.  This stacker has been in operation for almost 15 years handling paneled goods that are fed through an MJ.  This version separated the cut material from the off fall allowing for simple refeeding of the remainder using the Barnett Panel Feeder.

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Edgeworker Vacuum Stand

Barnett Manufacturing Co. offers the Edge-Worker Vacuum Stand to hold down wood and even non-porous substrates so that the operator can work effectively and efficiently. It differentiates itself from competitors in the market by size and power; the 12 inch diameter suction cup is larger than other work stands.

The Barnett Manufacturing Edgeworker Vacuum Stand has capabilities to manually unlock and rotate the work-piece using simple foot pedal.

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Heavy Duty Folding Bench

Barnett MFG’s latest product is the prefect combination of functional and flexible.  This heavy duty folding bench allows users the ability to pull it out to complete their job and then fold it up when the job is finished.  All this, without losing the heavy duty, high quality feel of an American made shop tool.

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